Conference Rooms

The three seminar rooms

220 sqm in the large seminar room
120 sqm in the medium seminar room 
 60 sqm in the small seminar room 

have a sprung wooden floor (very joint-gentle dance floors), very large fresh air capacity and a special heating system that guarantees an irritation-free and exceptionally good room climate. Furthermore the dimmable light system (remote controllable) allows a glare-free light for an comfy or conference-friendly room illumination.

You can use all of the following:

  • 100 floor cushions
  • 100 futons/yoga mats in premium quality (four layers, made of cotton with coconut core)
  • 100 woolen blankets
  • 130 chairs
  • 30 folding tables
  • Clap-tzu (portable) massage tables (up to 15 items to lend for a charge of 5 €/day - we request timely booking)
  • WLAN at no extra charge!
  • 3 flipcharts / 1 mindchart (see )
  • 7 presentations walls - please bring your own moderation cases and pens!
  • Overhead projector - with no extra charge!
  • Stage spotlights
  • Water dispenser (filtered and vitalized water) - for free!


You can use our multimedia equipment - no extra charge added:


  • Professional hi-fi stereo music system, 5000 watt sinus (RMS) with JBL exponential horns, Spirit M8 mixer (8 channels) from Soundcraft in high end studio quality


  • 2 AKG wireless microphones and vocal microphone from Beyer Dynamic
  • Keyboard (+ rentable weighted keyboard or piano - we ask you to book well in advance)
  • TV monitor
  • Video tape recorder
  • DVD player
  • Yamaha DPX 1000 beamer (reference grade quality)
  • Projection screen