Our House

Pegasus is a very charming timbered house with a thatched roof in a beautiful and very quiet environment.

It was built 1866 as a farmhouse of the former dyke master. Today it is a listed building and is used as a center for seminars and conferences. After being severly damaged during the great storms of 1962 and 1978, the farmhouse was refurbished and restored from 1981 in co-operation with the German Monument Conservation. We were responsibly in restoring the farm house with its charming appearance as an example of a classic farm house in Lower Saxony.

Here you will find a place for dreaming in solitude between the dykes under an endless sky and exceptionally quiet environment. Experience the full arc of the sun through 360 degrees: the sun descends as the moon rises simultaneously - magnificent!

During summer it is possible to camp on the surrounding land subject to agreement. Valid only for large scale events.

The house sits on an estate of 10.000 square meters and is protected by old trees and shrubs.

Please note: Pets are not allowed on the premises! We ask for your understanding for all those who suffer from allergies. Thank you very much!