Kitchen/ Dining Rooms

Let yourself be pampered by our highly esteemed mediterranean vegetarian cuisine with all flavours from the culinary skills of Italy, India and Ayurveda and Mexico. We prepare your dishes with passion and cater for a wide variety of meals. Our chefs have refined and improved their experience from foreign stays to create a very special cuisine.

You will be excited and enjoy our meals!

For weddings and family events or other special events we offer traditional cuisine with meat and sea food. Please ask for our festive buffets.

Please let us know in advance if you have special wishes for your diet (f.e. vegan or without sugar). Additional charge up to 15 Euro/day.

All dishes will be served on a buffet with warming stations (Chafing Dish/Bain-Marie).

So you are guaranteed to get warm meals all the time - even if you are late for eating!

Coffee aficionados are in paradise here with our 24/7 professional machine with fresh milk, coffee and espresso specialities by WMF- Combination S (the Rolls-Royce under the coffee machines).

Every cup is brewed from freshly ground biological coffee beans. Of course also Espresso, Cappucino and Latte Macchiato from the wonderful Wizards of OZ (according to "Feinschmecker" one of the two nation-wide best coffee roasters). Die beste Maschine mit der besten Bohne garantiert höchste Kaffeekultur.

Enjoy the filtered and vitalized water from the water dispenser around the clock - for free!

Likewise black tea and a variety of herb infusions - at no charge!

Dr. Martins' coconut water: The only natural isotonic drink for improved performance - available as Coco/Banana and Coco/Pineapple, Coco/Blood orange and Coco-pure for more energy, cleansing of vessels and deacidification. A health drink for connoisseurs made of green coconut (not to be confused with the well-known coconut milk).

All meals are fresh and are prepared in a very gentle manner.

We prefer the following:

  • Fruit, potatoes and vegetables of the season from local growers
  • Grain largely from controlled organic cultivation
  • Fresh milk and cheese products
  • Fair traded bio-gourmand coffee
  • No genetically engineered or irradiated food
  • No hardened fats
  • No prepared products
  • No pressure cooker or microwave ovens


Four dining rooms are available.

For self-catering groups we provide a large eat-in kitchen and an extra dining room.